Petcube Bites

Ever since my second week, my parents have had a Petcube Bites for when I’m home alone. It’s like a camera that watches me when I’m home alone.

My parents can also fling me treats (which can be set automatically or manually) and talk to me. I get confused when something starts talking though. It’s better not to do that. Most of the time when you tune in, I’m having a snooze.

If you’re lucky you can catch me playing!

On occasion.. I do get caught doing something naughty and stress mom out. Sometimes this includes trying to kill the Petcube:

To be fair, it sometimes goes offline and it’s not my fault. I swear! The connection needs to be good in the area as it is always on. It’s always listening and recording movement.

Mom takes it down when someone is home because it tends to attract ants since we mounted it close to the ground. That’s the one thing you have to be careful of when having a thing full of treats. We also don’t need to be recorded all the time. That would be weird!