Bacon does Nuit Blanche


Last night I went to Nuit Blanche, a night to sunrise art festival in Toronto. Mom and I started our journey at 2am because it was less busy. Taking photos in the night is always a challenge with me, so while most of these photos won’t make my Instagram feed, I wanted to share my adventure with you.

Our first stop was Stackt Market where we checked out an installation called “Sounding Bodies”, where there were a bunch of tubes you could go in that made noise. We didn’t get a photo of me in it because I found the noise too annoying to go close and mom respected my decision. I did enjoy this gold rhino.

Then we on the lawn was a cool installation called “Cracked Earth”. I tried to stand in the middle but got in trouble, so there’s a security guard watching me in my photo. But here’s a photo without me also!

In a shipping container, I found an installation from the Broadbent Sisters called “Now Here Home” with dreamy sounds that I enjoyed.

Then we went to the Bentway and found this exhibition of waving tape I didn’t quite understand but at least it matches my outfit.

I’m wearing a hoodie from Pawmigo and a coat from Pet Paradise Japan.

Then I sat in a cool wooden hut.

And posed on a colourful bridge. While posing for this photo, we didn’t realize we were standing right in front of a fog machine. As mom posed me and snapped this photo, it went off. In photos I am usually unleashed for the few minutes, so I actually took off after being a little startled from the fog. Luckily my recall is stronger than my flight instinct. Always practice recall, you never know when it will come in handy!

Ghost Atelier’s “On Thin Ice” did a lovely piece that tackled the need for climate change action.

Then we saw these giant Raptor symbols.
Then we saw a lot of white furniture in odd positions.

Our final and my favourite exhibition was the Lunar Garden by Daniel Arsham. It’ll be permanently at Nathan Phillip Square for a little while. Last night we were only allowed two minutes on the bridge so it was pretty much impossible to get a decent photo with me!

Stare into my creepy eyes.