Woofstock 2019

Last weekend was Woofstock, one of the largest festival of dogs in North America.

This year, I was part of the fashion show, so I had to go both days. The Saturday was a bit rainy and wet, but I was all ready with my raincoat.

Hanging with my friend Macchiato in the VIP lounge

For the fashion show, I was a good boy and confidently showed off my badass outfit.

I was wearing pleather shirt, pants and chain from Ruff Stitched and a customized leather leash from Signe Louka. It even had my named embossed in silver!

My friend Miss Pickles was a celebrity pug. I stole a ride on her stroller which was named Dogger and I thought it was funny.

All my fiends and I went to go invade her celebrity space!

Pom Pom Chewy was also there and his mom used to go to school with mine!

We also hung out at the Pets 4 Life tent for a bit. Remington the cat, my fellow Pets 4 Life rep was also there.

So was my gorgeous friend Aero!

Me and Snoopy who doesn’t know Charlie Brown

I also bought a lot of clothes, so I look forward to sharing more photos of those on Instagram, but here are some more photos with friends!

Harley and I decided to steal the celebrity chair.
Charlie, Pickles and I
Pickles and I found a bunch of food-named poms. One was like popcorn, another cupcake and I can’t remember what the rest were.
The Bully Troika were big but so friendly!!
Doing my best frenchie impression.
Hanging at the beer tent.
Had too many drinks or snacks here. I think I’m Jesus.