The Road to 10k

I hit 10k followers on Instagram recently and it’s been a crazy ride. We haven’t been doing anything particularly weird to get here. People often ask us for tips on how to grow an Instagram account and for us the answer has always been the same: be true to yourself (the dog) and post quality content over quantity. I also had the slight advantage of having a mom that was already a social media savvy influencer and a great photographer.

My Instagram, Twitter and Facebook handles, my e-mail and this website address was technically registered before I even existed. Thankfully, I came into the world fitting my unique name with a spunky personality. Most of the time when people meet me, they remember me not for the fact I’m wearing clothes, but because I am insanely friendly and have a positive attitude.

What was important for both mom and me when running our account was that I was always having fun. She never pushes me past my limit (or hers). There’s no crazy stage mom and she knows to remove me from a situation I am not enjoying. You’ll see this happiness reflected in most of my posts. We love to make you laugh and smile.

The most meaningful thing was all the friends both mom and I have met along the way. A lot have become both human and dog friends in real life. There’s nothing more important than the real connections you make along the way. For us, we don’t care about the number of followers you have but the quality of the dog and people we meet. We love making new friends!

I’ve been neglecting this blog a little bit, but I hope to fill it with some backdated posts from adventures in the past year. I also hope to share some recipes, DIY posts and more behind the scenes with me and my family in the future!